Move Your Needle

Move Your Needle

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” When starting a wellness journey, the most important thing is to just get started. However, once started on the journey, you need to keep moving. However, because there may be so many things to keep up with, you can easily get overwhelmed.  Do you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, stop smoking, improve your diabetes, lower your cholesterol or all the above?

Taking on all the challenges at once can seem quite daunting. That is why we at The Physicians Weigh, recommend finding one thing to focus on and doing something every day to work towards that goal. This is what we call “Moving the Needle”.  Scales and gauges use needles to record measurements, so “moving your needle” means taking steps that bring measurable results. Here are three things you must do to move your needle.

  1. Decide on a goal. To accomplish a task, you must first be clear about what that task is. Whether it is to lose 10 pounds, stop smoking, improve your cholesterol, etc., you must be clear about what you wish to accomplish.


  1. Determine your daily action plan. After you decide what you want to accomplish, you must decide what you are going to do every day to move towards your goal. Are you going to walk 30 min each day, stop eating sweets, drink more water, record your meals? Whatever it is you plan to do, you must plan to do it.


  1. Measure your progress. After to decide on your goal and decide how you are going to achieve it, you must track your progress. Tracking your progress on a consistent basis allows you to see how well you or doing or to see if there are any areas you must adjust. Tracking your progress also provides positive feedback that will motivate you to keep going.


Taking these three steps ensures that you continue to “Move Your Needle” and to make progress towards your goal.