Halloween: Don’t Let A Little Treat Trick Your Diet

Halloween: Don’t Let A Little Treat Trick Your Diet

For many people, Halloween is the unofficial start of the holiday season in terms of dietary indiscretions and over indulgence. It is easy to get off track on Halloween and give up on your fitness and nutrition goals for the rest of the year. However, enjoying a Halloween treat does not have to wreck your diet. Here are three strategies to help you stay on track while enjoying the festivities.

  1. Moderation is key. Enjoy the candy, candied apples, and even the alcohol….in moderation. Set a limit in terms of how much you are going to eat and drink, and stick to it. Eat a full meal and drink a lot of water before going to that Halloween party or going trick or treating with your kids. This makes it less likely for you to overeat.


  1. Throw it out. I know this sounds like blasphemy, but throw away the left-over candy. Get rid of it. And don’t take it to work because your coworkers don’t need it either. Rid yourself of any temptation to continue to overindulge.


  1. Get back on track immediately. After enjoying your night of fun on Halloween, get back on your eating plan and your exercise plan the very next day. The longer you are off your fitness and nutrition routine, the harder to get back on.


Enjoying the food and festivities on Halloween doesn’t have to get you off track in terms of your fitness plan. Following these three steps can help you enjoy the occasional Halloween treat and stay on track with your fitness plan.

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