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Who are we ?

The Physicians Weigh is a Texas-based, corporate health and wellness program designed and monitored by medical doctors. We offer effective, budget-friendly wellness programs, that help organizations implement solutions that improve employee heath and decrease health care costs.

Our Promise

Our program will increase employee engagement, require employee accountability, improve employee health, and decrease corporate health care costs.

The Difference

Clinically proven to be safe and effective. Our company is owned and operated by a board-certified physician who is dedicated to improving wellness by reducing obesity-related illnesses.
It’s Time To Move The Needle
Living a healthy lifestyle requires daily effort to reach your goals and maintain a healthy body. To us, daily effort means small steps that lead to big results. We call that process “moving the needle”.

Our Fortune 500 clients have put us to the test, and we’ve responded by delivering competitive results through our innovative approach. We customize each performance plan to empower your employees to upgrade their health and thrive.
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We Know What Motivates People
Is your current wellness program delivering personalized plans and results? Is the health and wellbeing of your employees improving? Discover how The Physicians Weigh can help implement an effective wellness program into your organization by contacting out team.
What We Do the Best
We help to create a culture of performance from your employees. Our Physicians Weigh program allows us to position you to show your employees that you value them by offering the necessary tools for them to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.


Your employees are more likely to engage with a professional health coach that can offer personalized attention to their specific needs. This then leads to a more energetic and productive staff. Our plans include:

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Why Work With Us
The Physicians Weigh is minority-owned and NMSDC certified. Our unique position in the marketplace allows us to interact with employees and employers with a deep understanding of the challenges facing all parties. Our goal is to serve a greater good and move mankind towards a more abundant existence.

We are experts in medical treatment, health care and navigating the human factor. Our core values dictate that we lead humanity with the word HUMAN at the forefront of our approach. We are humbled and excited to become your Partner in Wellness.
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